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Sarah Daltrey

I have been teaching Piano, Keyboard and Music Theory to students of all ages and abilities since 1994 and I enjoy every minute of it. Having had my first piano lesson at just 4 years old, I have loved music ever since and aim to pass this passion on to my students.

My desire as always is to see kids excel in their music, have fun at the piano, and actually ENJOY playing at home every day.

I know that one day my students will leave me, and my goal is for my students to be able to pick up a piece of music and be able to sit down and play it. My lesson format gives students the tools to be able to get to that point.

I want each of my students to be independent learners, to be able to look at a piece of music and determine, for beginners, their starting hand position and be able to successfully play the correct notes in a piece. For my advanced students, I want them to know how to skilfully sightread and to be able to deconstruct music and compellingly play a piece from the very first play through.

Many students have a learned helplessness, and they want everything spoon-fed to them. I don’t believe that is doing any favours for any student. Is my lesson format more work for a student? Yes – they have to figure out some information on their own. Am I there to help when they are actually stuck? Absolutely. I am there as much as they need me. I also help with with technique, theory concepts and interpretation.

I want students to make the initial effort to figure out their music. Every week, students get better and better at this skill and their self-confidence and self-assurance grows. Ultimately, they are better pianists because of it.

I am classically trained and went through the ABRSM exams for Grade 8 Piano, Grade 7 Singing and Grade 5 Music Theory. I put myself through the ABRSM Jazz exams, and  worked my way through the updated Trinity Rock and Pop exams. I believe the first hand experience of these examinations gives me the best opportunity to ensure my students gain success. At college I studied Popular Music where I gained practical skills using music technology which includes recording, composing, and using a variety of software for recording and composing  –  the use of tablets and ipads has also made this much more accessible to my students.

I have been playing piano and singing with live bands since 1996 and continue to play on a regular basis. Over the years I have played with a variety of original and cover bands, accompanied singers, choirs, drama groups, and play as an accompanist during music examinations. I  have worked as a class music teacher at a local independent school, teaching classes from nursery, reception and up to year 6, and running the school shows, nativity and musicals. I thoroughly enjoy teaching groups and love taking music classes and organising a Nativity plays at the local Nursery schools. In addition to all of this, I was the co-organiser of Summer Breeze Festival until 2014, held just outside Swindon every summer. I love to perform – so encourage my students to perform at every chance they get. In September 2013 I launched the new preschool programme aimed at 3 – 4 year olds and it has become a big success, although I’m not sure who has more fun – them or me!

I attend regular music teacher training events and ensure that I stay up to date with new music, latest apps, latest teaching tools and training. In addition to my musical qualifications, I have an Enhanced CRB check, completed the Child Protection in Education (music) Level 2 course, Public Liability Insurance and am a member of the Musicians Union.