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Our lessons will give you the essential skills needed to to read music and enjoy playing the piano confidently, For ages  6 – 106!

The Accelerated Piano Programme lasts for one hour each week and has been shown to dramatically improve a students sight reading skills – this is the number one skill that student need to learn music quickly. Students enjoy learning their pieces faster, meaning they learn more each week and complete the beginner series with faster than average completion times. Proven practice techniques are ensure home practice is all about reviewing and increasing speed – less tedium and more fun at home (which also means less nagging parents and practice supervision at home!)

Inspiring supplementary pieces and books are chosen to reinforce new concepts at an age appropriate level to make learning fun. Improvisation, composition, playing duets, ear training, learning from lead sheets and playing with backing tracks are all incorporated into the curriculum.

The use of iPads, music technology and taking part in recording projects is strongly encouraged. Setting weekly home challenges, and studio wide leaderboards is a great way to encourage more play!

The lessons include a combination of method book work, supplementary song sheets and musical games to reinforce the skills needed to become a well rounded multi style confident pianist.

All students are encourage to take part in our musical reviews and School Holiday projects and Summer camps.

Exams are encouraged but not essential, and can be taken in ABRSM Classical piano, ABRSM Jazz piano, Trinity Rock and Pop, Rock School and ABRSM Music Theory.

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